Engineering Design
WAFCO, utilizing experienced professionals and the most advanced simulation software, and employing standardized engineering methods, has the capability to carry out each phase of a project from the initial stages to commissioning and operational phases satisfactorily.

Engineering Documentation Production Stages:
In general, the production of engineering documents and designs in projects is divided into the following stages:

1- Conceptual Design (Phase Zero):
In this stage, the technical and economic feasibility of the project is studied and examined. If the project is not justified in terms of technical or economic aspects, or both, it will be rejected, and execution will not proceed.

2- Basic Design (Phase One):
Basic Design extends or expands the Conceptual Design. In this stage of design, the definition of necessary processes, main equipment, and project facilities is addressed.

3- Detailed Design (Phase Two):
Detailed Design is a crucial bridge between Basic Design and the project implementation phase. In this stage, all project components are precisely and elaborately designed. The design at this stage should be clear and detailed enough to eliminate any ambiguity during the implementation phase. Equipment lists are prepared for both Main equipment and Bulk materials in this stage.

 Types of Engineering Documents:
During the engineering design, considering the mentioned stages above, the project engineering team is obligated to prepare the required engineering documents for the project. These documents are categorized based on their content, type of information, and format into the following classifications:
– Preparation of Master Document List (MDL)
– Basis and Criteria
– Technical Specifications
– Calculation Book
– Drawings (DWG)
– Technical Data Sheets
– Material Requisition (MR)
– Material Take Off (MTO)
– Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE)
– Reporting at Various Stages
– Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals (POM)
– Master Document Report (MDR)
– Preparation of Agreed Upon Documents with the Client

After preparing all the necessary documents by the project engineering units, in a joint session attended by the engineering manager, engineering unit experts, and the representative of the planning and project control unit, the finalized list of engineering documents is sent to the client for approval. It is worth mentioning that the prepared list may undergo review and modification during the project’s execution based on the client’s needs and feedback.

Other stages of project activities in WAFCO are as follows:
– Preparation of scheduling plans in execution projects according to the approved list of engineering documents
– Purchasing engineering and equipment procurement according to the lists
– Workshop preparation and project execution from scratch, according to the scheduling plan
– Operation of mechanical and electrical installation systems, particularly fire detection and extinguishing systems.