Message from CEO

A Message from the CEO

In today’s world, considering the rapid increase in the rate of changes, the growing intelligence, and technological advancements, industries and production lines are facing continuous growth. On the other hand, the operation and protection of human resources, equipment, machinery, buildings, and, in general, the assets of organizations must be handled and taken care with new and, to the extent possible, secure methods. This matter is contingent upon the utilization of advanced safety systems.

WAFCO, as one of main players in our territory, relies on its specialized and experienced workforce in the fields of professional health, safety, and the environment. With a focus on employee well-being, industrial safety, and production line security, the company aims to create a value chain and realize a national approach to the economic development and growth of dear Iran.

The goal of WAFCO is sustainable development, while adhering to the values of “customer-centricity,” “precise engineering design,” “organizational excellence and results-oriented,” “environmental compatibility,” “responsibility,” “professional business ethics,” and “compliance with international and national standards.”

In pursuit of our goal and aligned with the realization of our strategic plan, we consistently emphasize the improvement of service quality, the enhancement of skilled human resources, the development of knowledge management, and a professional and reliable presence in the market. We take pride in contributing to our industrial society by providing assurance, alongside dedicated and skilled human resources, that “WAFCO” remains a robust arm in consulting, procurement, engineering design, and implementation within Iran’s industries and production lines. May we play our part in the path of dignity and prosperity for this land, marking our contribution.

Mustafa Zarean _ June 2023