Equipment Procurement

Today, one of the most critical criteria and indicators for evaluating all plans and projects is their execution time. The lengthening or shortening of project execution time not only plays a decisive role in the overall costs of projects for clients but also affects their position. Clients desire to have adept and knowledgeable consultants in various matters, which is often a costly endeavor.

WAFCO, with its successful experience and relying on its robust commercial department, offers services in the field of safety systems, fire detection, and firefighting. Familiar with various globally reputable brands, WAFCO can provide the following services:

– Conducting the complete procurement engineering process
– Aligning technical specifications of products with the client’s engineered requirements
– Verifying the authenticity of products concerning compliance with global and national standards based on the client’s needs
– Procuring equipment in the shortest possible time
– Consulting on technical inspections by client representatives at primary manufacturing sites
– Providing warranties for equipment
– Adhering to all cargo transportation standards
– Offering after-sales services for products.

WAFCO’s trading unit, equipped with an in-depth understanding of safety and fire detection and firefighting markets, collaborates with numerous reputable domestic and international companies. This collaboration provides you with the opportunity to obtain the required equipment with the highest quality in the shortest possible time and at competitive and justifiable costs.