Water and Fire Company (WAFCO)

Water and Fire Company (WAFCO)

WAFCO was officially registered in Tehran under registration number of 410280 in the year 2010 and commenced its activities in the field of safety systems, firefighting, and related subjects. The founders, relying on their experience, have consistently strived to provide excellent services to customers while earnestly pursuing the process of scientific advancement and organizational growth.

Collaboration with both domestic and international suppliers, technical and scientific engagement with relevant institutions and organizations, as well as successful participation in various industrial, infrastructure, construction, and mining projects, empower the company’s managers and experts. They are prepared to deliver their services in the fastest time, with the highest technical and qualitative standards, considering the economic considerations of employers.

With over twenty years of specialized experience in industrial and civil projects on one side and the country’s growing needs in technical issues and standard equipment on the other, the founders of the company have come together under the new structure called “Water and Fire Company.” They initiate their efforts towards the following objectives:

– Creating a dynamic and knowledge-centric platform in the field of safety engineering and firefighting, relying on local experts and up-to-date international resources and standards.

– Ensuring the reliable supply of modern equipment with global certifications for industries, civil projects, and public and urban buildings.

– Providing technical responsiveness and continuous monitoring of systems after the sales stage, including installation, testing, commissioning, operation, and training.

In summary, the company’s activities can be categorized into consulting and design services (E), procurement services (P), installation and construction services (C), as well as  operation and maintenance.